Existing Modular S&C Unit- Removed and Reinstated!!

KGJ Price Rail Ltd successfully delivered, Track Off & Track On Core Renewal for our Client. This is the first time an Existing Modular S&C unit has been removed & Reinstated!

Also Re-installed the Modular S&C to a higher standard rectifying existing gauge issues within the Modular Shroud area through detailed knowledge of the Modular S&C System. During the Core Renewal, below are just some of the key items carried out:

  • 2200T of Ballast Installed Utilising Trimble 3D Dozer
  • 84m of Existing CWR Removed & Reinstated, 11 x 18288mm Closure Rails & 108m of New CWR Installed
  • 18 PEMs & 12 LEMs Used to Lift out and Reinstall a Modular CEN56v EVs 1 in 15 Turnout
  • 129 G44’s Removed & Reinstated + an additional 169 New G44’s installed
    43 Welds Installed, 10 of which were stress welds & x2 to set the ball & claw
  • 5 Stressing Pulls in & around the S&C Totalling 626 Yards
  • Approx 1600m of tamping carried out over all lines disturbed, including 9 S&C Units
  • All Track removed in less than 24 hours & handed over to Civils ahead of schedule
  • Full Installation scope complete 4hr ahead of schedule
    Innovative & Bespoke Track Monitoring Solution Provided due to the EPS Block Back Fill associated with the bridge construction.
  • Constant Programme revisions throughout due to Site challenges.