Case Study


Oct 2020 – Feb 2021  Gipsy Patch Lane (Bristol)


Alun Griffiths

KGJ Price were contracted to provide all aspects of Permanent Way services to Alun Griffiths Contractors to remove the track, ballast and re-instate the track fully tamped & stressed at the end of a 13 day blockade


Core Elements & Scope:

  • 2200T Of Ballast Installed Utilising Trimble 3D Dozer
  • 84m of Existing CWR Removed & Reinstated, 11 x 18288mm Closure Rails & 108m of New CWR Installed
  • 18 PEMs & 12 LEMs Used to Lift out and reinstall a Modular CEN56v EVs 1 in 15 Turnout
  • 129 G44’s Removed & Reinstated (84m)
  • 169 New G44’s installed (108m)
  • 108m Plain Line Panel built off the critical path and walked in with PEM LEM’s
  • 43 Welds Installed, 10 of which were stress welds & x2 to set the ball & claw
  • 5 x Stressing Pulls in & around the S&C, Totalling 626 Yards
  • 1600m of tamping carried out over all lines disturbed, including 9 x S&C Units
  • All Track removed in less than 24 hours and handed over to Civils 10hr ahead of schedule
  • Full Installation scope completed +4hr ahead of schedule
  • Innovative & Bespoke Track Monitoring Solution Provided due to the ‘EPS Block’ Back Fill associated with the bridge construction
  • Constant Programme revisions throughout due to Site challenges with the Civils Works
  • The first time an existing Modular S&C unit has been Removed & Reinstated, an Industry first!
  • Comprehensive delap survey carried out to note down pre-existing issues

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