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August 2016 – April 2017  |  North Lincolnshire (Scunthorpe)

Installation of IRJ’s, Hollow Sleepers, Re-Rail, Level Crossings Renewals. CRT Management and Track Monitoring for all works including civil structures.


All design, possession planning and installation for the following works:-
IRJ’s – Survey & Design Form A/B; Installation & Scrap Recovery
Hollow Sleepers – Survey & Design Form A/B; Installation & Scrap Recovery
Level Crossings Decking Renewals:- Remove existing decking, install concrete edge beams and install new Strail decking including deck restraints & deflector plates.
Route Works:- Trough route & Cable Pulling.
CRT Management & Co-ordination:- Full CRT including implementation of ESR/TSR.
Track Monitoring:- For all installed works – Permanet Way & Civils.

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