Case Study

Regents Canal

July 2022 – Complete march 2023  |  Regents Canal


Story Contracting

KGJ Price were contracted to provide all aspects  of Permanent Way services to Story Contracting to remove 2076A/B crossover which was directly on top of the bridge to be replaced and supply and install a full new CV 9 ¼ modular crossover and associated plain line, ballast and then re-instate the track fully tamped & stressed at the end of a 5 day  blockade during WK39 December 2022


Core Elements & Scope:

  • 200T of Ballast Installed Utilising Trimble 3D Dozer
  • 400T of Top Ballast Installed
  • 84m on Line E and 54m on Approach Line removed
  • 650T Road Crane & 2 x Superbugs used to install new panels
  • Supply, Build Up & Installation of a CVs 9 ¼ Concrete Modular Crossover
  • 6 x Plain Line Panels built off the critical path
  • 36 Welds Installed, 4 of which were stress welds & 2 were behind check rails
  • 2 x Level 3 S&C Stressing Pulls
  • Approx. 600m of tamping carried out over 2 lines including up to 150mm lifts and 75mm slues to achieve the remodelled alignment, including 5 x S&C Units
  • Full Installation scope completed inc fully welded and stressed on the core possession and handed back at linespeed
  • Bespoke Track Monitoring Solution Provided
  • Comprehensive delap survey carried out to note down pre-existing issues
  • Ancillary Civils inc Troughing, Sign Removal / Reinstatement, S&T Signal & SPT Removal / Reinstatement
  • Design, Removal, Supply & Fit of Points Heating including Upgrade Works
  • S&T Removal, Reinstatement, Testing & Commissioning inc FED Design and associated S&T upgrade works
  • Supply of Track CRE (Construction)
  • Supply of E&P Design CRE & Construction CRE
  • Supply of S&T Design CRE & Construction CRE

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