Case Study

WEM Overbridge

Oct0ber 2021 – March 2022  WEM Overbridge


Alun Griffiths

KGJ Price were contracted to provide all aspects of
Permanent Way services to Alun Griffiths to remove the
track, ballast and re-instate the track during a 101 hour
possession in Xmas 2021.


Core Elements & Scope:

  •  542T of Spoil removed
    • 4 x 20m Panels of Sand Filled Geocells Installed
    • 230T of Ballast Installed Utilising Trimble 3D Dozer
    • 420T of Top Stone Installed using auto hopper train
    • 84m of Track Removed in Each Line
    • 18 x 30ft Track Panels removed
    • 10 x 30ft panels changed for new sleepers off the
    critical path
    • 126 G44’s & 17 W560 Steel Sleepers used to replace
    the existing life expired Pan 9 Sleepers (84m)
    • 108m of rerailing on each line
    • 12 Welds Installed, 4 of which were stress welds
    • 2 x Stressing Pulls totalling approx. 600yards carried
    out in short midweek night possessions (4 Hours
    working time)
    • Approx. 400m of tamping carried per line
    • All Track and spoil removed in less than less than 9
    hours and handed over to Civils on schedule
    • Full Installation scope completed and right time
    hand-back despite severe slippage to civils installation
    • Quick mobilisation to provide additional resource and
    reprogramming following civils program slippage
    • Comprehensive dilapidation survey carried out to
    note down pre-existing issues with Pan9 Baseplates

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